Imaam Igi-ogun recounts God’s bounties as he grows older

One of the renowned Islamic scholars in Oyo land is Imam Daud Igiogun. He is known with his style of preaching Islam for those who are at the helms of affairs. He is believed to have the leadership prowess of enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong when it comes to political matters. This made him to be indispensable among top leaders who are God-fearing in their dealings.Daud Igiogun, a man who saw the light of this world on the second of July has grown up to mark many decades. As a Muslim scholar, he detests celebrating birthday especially in form of throwing parties, cutting cakes and blowing off birthday candles. Not because this act is known with idolaters but because it is also tantamount to wasting of useful resources.However, Imam Daud doesn’t believe that birthday is Haraam (prohibited) in Islam as this matter is subjected to jurisprudential debate among Islamic scholars but he believes that the deeds may be allowed or forbidden. However, Daud has commissioned every July second for special prayer and reflection on his past, present and future.Allow me to present Imam Daud Igiogun to you in a little way I have known him. I have been able to interact with his family, students and staff. I have been able to wine and dine with him. I have been able to go out with him and observe his doings with some politicians. I have been able to have some top secret discussions with him. All these have allowed me to observe him while he knew not. Once he isn’t an angel, certainly, he will have his flaws but I think his angle of goodness outweighs that of his flaws.I can call Imam Daud a mummy’s pet as his mother still keeps looking on him as though he is a pet. He can’t play with his mother’s prayer. With his age, he will remain calm and quiet while his mother is praying for him. He often shows total respect to his mum. Probably, that may be the secret of his success in this world and it may be that, he is taking care of his Paradise key.Also, Daud is a man who bears discharging trust on his staff as and when due. Despite the fact that COVID-19 is a pandemic that is claiming lives daily, it has also eaten the economic status of our dear country to the state of recession. But Imam Daud still makes sure that he pays the full salary of his staff as and when due. I hope you understand? Students are at home for over hundred days, no parent is paying for his/her child’s school fee but Imam Igiogun keeps paying the salaries of all staff.A far away man like me may conclude that once he is having good rapport with some politicians, they may be the backbone for the payment. But as a researcher, I approached Alhaji Daud and asked him the secret behind his payment. The response I got from him touched me and ceased my breath for a moment.Daud responded that he knew what surfferness means. He has experienced what running out of cash and he never wish any of his subjects to experience such due to his anomalous. ‘As a born farmer who still practice big farming till date, I used to go to farm, uproot my cassava and sell them to make sure that my staff are well paid as and when due. If I focus on the school income alone, we might have become beggars on social media’.I experienced Imam Daud’s humbleness during the last Ramadan. Despite that my official duty with him was to record his lectures, Imam Daud would still call me in the darkest hour if the night for criticism of his presentation. He would listen to me as if a pupil is listening to instructions from his teacher. He would appreciate all my observations, both positive and negatives. So funny, he wouldn’t give just an excuse for defence. Imagine, a lecturer, a proprietor and a man of wherewithal in the society that wines and dines with Alaafin of Oyo for that matterWhile receiving responses from those who followed his Ramadan lectures, it came to limelight that many homes and souls were touched to receive guidance from his speeches. And that is all we want from scholars of religion. They should emulate this and desist from throwing banters on social media. Responses were received from USA, Chad, Kotonou and other parts of the world. I just wish to urge Imam Daud to create time for this lecture after Ramadan even if it won’t be more than once in a week.Daud Igiogun never feels proud in attending to the calls and attention of his old friends. He will keep chatting and playing with them as if they are still young boys. He believes that old friends are best friends; they are the ones that can be with you when experiencing the darkest hour.If I am to keep stating his goodness, it may become a book to be launched. But, I invite you to join Imam Daud Igiogun on his Facebook page on July 2 by 6:30am for a special prayer.I advise the celebrant, Imam Igiogun to remember that he has used more than average that is expected of a Muslim to use on earth. He should devote more of his time to preaching the words of God to humanity in general. This can be achieved better when he is making use of social media platforms, especially Facebook for online live lectures. He should also seek more forgiveness from Allah as all men can’t escape from committing sins. Also, he should give more charity to the needy as this is one of the main things that aid man to see Allah’s Mercy.Imam Daud Igiogun, my birthday gift for you goes thus: you will never live to regret coming to this world. You will never be a dweller of Hell Fire. Your days will be marked with endless joy, happiness and gratitude. Happy birthday Baba Daud Igiogun.Raheem Hameed Oludamilare
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