COVID-19 Lockdown: Islamic Organisation Kicks Off Camping Programme Via Radio

Due to the rampaging COVID-19 pandemic in the country, an Islamic Organisation, the Standard Bearers Islamic Organization (SB) Ile Ife has kicked off camping programme by radio on Fridy.The radio camping programme was done at Orange FM in Akure with a lecture titled “Relating With The Qur’an” which was delivered by a renowned Islamic scholar, Ustadh Harun Akano.According to the scholar, “We should all know that the Quran is a book of Allah and we should know that we should attach more value to it but reverse is the case nowadays, people do abandon the Quran. It is a respected book, it is not written by anyone except by Allah. It is not a book from the planet earth because it has been written before inception.”Record had shown that the Quran is the best book that is being read by everybody. It is ranked as the first book that people read and memorize around the whole world as the lecturer explained.How well are we relating with the Quran, is it that we do keep it by the side of our pillow every night or what. The Lecturer laid emphasis on this as he call attention to how the book was written and revealed to the Prophet (SAW) and how the Prophet instructed his companion to write the verses down on different materials.”It is a book written by Allah and not written by the prophet because the prophet is an unlettered person. This distinguished the Quran from other revealed books like Tawrat, Injil, Zabur and Suhuf because they are all embedded in the Quran already.”The Quran is elastic because it sees to everything.There will always be an evidence in the Quran for any thing that is being introduced.”Also, the book is simple and well explained. It is a book that explain Islam, the book for every time and it is a book for all. Regardless of your religion, there is always a solution to it inside the Quran.”And what has the Quran come to teach, the lecturer proceeded. The Quran has come to set our mindset about Allah and other things like His Angel, His prophet and other things we should know.It has also come to teach us about how to live, to respect mankind and give right to everyone. How to worship Allah and fear Him, the Quran has come to teach us. It has come to clean our heart from the diseases of the heart and has come to set a good family for us and to teach us the right of women and who are the women.It has also come to uphold a good ties with every communities and nations, but the society is still lacking all these compared to the previous generations.”Ibn Mashold reported that a zero house is the house that lacks Quran inside it.Relating with the Quran entails reading it frequently, making promise with the Quran by refraining from what it said, reflecting on its meaning which gives an insight on how to relate with our society. We can also relate with the Quran by requesting from Allah some of its good and seeking refuge from the other sides of it.”The scholar however encouraged Muslims to use this period in a productive way by memorising the Quran and other things related to it.

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