OYO Town residents woke up today to behold the magnanimous conflagration that has consumed the popular and reputable market in the kingdom. The fire was reported to have started around 2:00 am in the midnight. A very many shops danced away with the tune of this mesmerizing inferno as their owners were falling recklessly like ripe oranges in Harmattan season.

The Fire Fighters, who are to confront the Herculean Conflagration, claimed to be lacking weapons. What’s anticipated to happen when police are not with the wherewithal to fight thieves occurred _ The fire carted away millions of goods and properties in the shops unrepentantly.

Out of mediocrity and useless emotions, the concerned citizens flooded the Fire Brigade station in order to flush out the officers, for they see nothing wrong in uprooting a tooth that cannot chew a meat softly.

Pronto, the black men in black uniforms with black ‘cold irons’ poured cold bullets on the aggrieved mobs and not less than three of them were sent to an unreturned pilgrimage.

After a serious effort intensified by the concerned authorities, a fire vehicle was got from Ogbomosho, a not less than 50km area to Oyo town.

It will be an understatement to describe this scenario as lugubrious and heartbreaking. To borrow the late Ken Saro Wiwa, what just happened in Oyo, is a Sorry Sight to See. Akesan Market is at stone’s throw to the Fire Station. If fire could devour the market that is a neighbour to the station, where else is safe?


Akesan is like one beside the riverbanks and still thirsty. It’s a son of butcher but it was fed today with bones. Her parents are footwear sellers, yet Akesan is made to walk in barefoot.

In double entendre, I pity no less those who attacked the Fire station and as a result lost their lives. Our elders have sternly warn us that beheading is not the panacea for headache but we turn deaf ears and consequently we learn our lives in a very unfortunate way.

One of the ancient axioms that have never lost their imports is : Failure to prepare is Preparation to fail. Both the Fire fighters and store owners did not prepare for the unseen and here is the consequence, pathetically.

However, this happened as it has been preordained. We pray we do not fall victims to the Former President of America, George w. Bush’s prognostication when he says: ” the soft bigotry of low expectation! ”

Mojeed Ajibola Adeyinka. 08165892219

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