Muslim Cleric Charges Muslims on Peaceful Co-existence

Ajibola Mojeed Adeyinka, Ibadan.

The chief missioner of Pureheart Islamic Foundation of Nigeria, PHF, Ustadh AbdulHakeem Adebayo has advised Muslims to be agents of positive changes, desired to bring peace to the whole world.
He said this while delivering his lecture at a public lecture held at Adanla-Ijokodo area, Ibadan. Ustadh AbdulHakeem said Islam as a religion encourages its adherents to be peaceful and accommodating in their conduct, not only to their fellow brethren but to the entire humanity. In his word, “the principles and teachings of Islam are geared towards establishing enduring peace within and among all men, irrespective of their belief and belief system. ”
He therefore charged Muslim faithful to make frantic effort in ensuring that peace, unity and tranquility reign on land through religious application of the tenets enshrined in the Islamic system of life, which he described as comprehensive and all-encompassing.
However, the chief missioner used the opportunity to give sincere advise to non-Muslims to discard the Islamaphobic notion, the idea he said is counter-productive, adding that such notion is usually born out of sheer conjectures, hatred and dirty rivalry.

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