Abstaining from Sins is the best prevention of Sickness – Cleric

A renowned Oyo-based scholar, Alhaji AbdulHakeem Olohunkunke said that, the best panacea to all forms of sickness and abnormalities is to do away with committing sins, because those who live sinless lives are usually under the protection and guidance of Allah.

Alhaji Olohunkunke said this, being the Guest Lecturer at the monthly Islamic Programme tagged: Ash-Shumuliyyah Forum held at Asaleye Mosque Owode, Oyo.

Speaking on a topic : Prevention and Medication in Prophetic Medicine, Alhaji Olohunkunke said that apart from abstaining from sins, one should cultivate the habit of fasting voluntarily and keep to hygiene, because according to the prophet, God loves those who practise cleanliness.

The Guest Lecturer, however urged the people to be prayerful, by reciting the recommended prophetic supplications and give Sodaqah (alms), saying all these will prevent the invisible spirits (jinns) from gaining access to their bodies and environs.

Earlier speaking, the Chief Director of Opabode Memorial Hospital, Oroki Oyo, Dr. Musibaudeen Opabode gave a “four_cardinal_secret” of staying healthy. The chief medical doctor said that, people should be weary of their DIET, if they want to be sickness_free.

“Eating between meals, that’s eating now and then is medically not advisable. Balanced diet food in not large quantity is preferred while drinking too much of water is not also a bad idea. ” He said.

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Also, Dr. Opabode advised people to always engage in Exercise because it reduces Stresses will may eventually lead to sickness in the long run.

Other two things he urged the people to see to are: Sleeping and Personal Hygiene. He asserted that he who wishes to be healthy should be sleeping for at least, 6 hours in a day and make sure he is always neat and clean. According to him, dirty homes and environments are prone to cause curable and incurable diseases.

While delivering his opening speech, the Coordinator of the Ash_Shumuliyyah Forum, Ustadh AbdulHakeem Adebayo (Abu Juweriyyah) unravelled three mystery behind an Hadith that is vastly misinterpreted by some Muslims that, among those who will enter Jannatul_Firdaus (The Apex Paradise) are those who do not take drugs when sick. Ustadh Abdul Hakeem said that, the Hadith is referring to the idolaters who made use of Forbidden
and Unlawful materials as a cure to their ailment.

Mojeed Ajibola Adeyinka

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