Islamic Civilisation is the only ‘Recipe’ to Rescue the World from the Brink of Destruction, Sheikh DhikruLlah Shafii

By Bukola Hameed and Ajibola Mojeed Adeyinka.

L-R: Mallam Mussodiq, Sheikh DhikruLlah Shafii, Ustadh AbdulRasheed Mahmud and Professor M.O Durowoju

The grand mufti of the Conference of Islamic Organizations, CIO, Sheikh DhikruLlah Shafii has identified Islamic civilisation as the only civilisation that can salvage the world from total and devastating collapse.

He said this at an annual programme tagged Yaomath-Thaqofy, Civilisation Day, jointly organised by the Triumphant Future Scholars, TFS, and PureHeart Islamic Foundation of Nigeria, PHF. The programme was held at the House of Chiefs, State Secretariat, Agodi, Ibadan.

While expatiating on the essence of civilisation, the Sheikh established that civilisation of Islam encompasses deep and balance understanding of the pristine and last religion, Islam. He added that religious civilisation has to do with correct understanding and complete comprehension of divine religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam, and other man-made religions, namely Bhuddism, ‘Sangoism’, Zionism, and so on.

Sheikh DhikruLlah said, ‘ civilisation is of three categories, namely, religious civilization which is to be acquainted with all forms of religion, both divine and earthly. Second is Islamic civilisation which connotes being well versed about all the rulings, knowledge and principles of Islam according to the Glorious Qur’an and the Hadith of the Prophet.

“Asides religious and Islamic civilisations, general civilisation is the third type; that is described as being aware of all that is going on in one’s community and beyond especially as they affect Islam and the Muslims. This is in tandem with the statement credited to the prophet (SAW) that, whoever doesn’t show concern about what happens to his (Muslim) brethren is not one of us(Muslims).”

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” Therefore, everyone should make it a duty to islamise their professions in order to secure the felicity of Allah here and on the day of accountability.”

” The distinctive feature of the Islamic Civilisation is this: that in all its affairs it is based on worship of Allah alone. The declaration of faith expresses this principle and determines its character; in beliefs, in devotional acts, and in rules and regulations this declaration takes a concrete form.

He cautioned muslims, especially learners/students of knowledge against giving verdicts of which they don’t have proper and competent knowledge.

The grand mufti thereafter warned against blind importation of fatwa from other climes like Saudi Arabia, stressing that motive underlying each verdict given should be comprehensively understood.

“One of the examples of such misunderstood fatwas is the one given by Ibn Baaz concerning slaughtering and distributing cows, rams or goats, uncooked, for child’s aqeeqah. Ibn Baaz gave the verdict at a time that there was none again to collect/eat aqeeqah meat, that, the money should be used to buy cattle, rams or goats for those in the developing countries.

However, here in Nigeria and some other African countries, the fatwa was (mis)interpreted as express permission to distribute fresh, uncooked meat at the occasion of aqeeqa for a new born baby.

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Sheikh DhikruLlah Shafii however submitted that the only system of life capable of rescuing humanity from the brink of destruction is Islam.

He said, ” the world has come to a state of confusion after having tried all world civilisations___ feudalism, socialism, communism, nationalism capitalism and democracy without the expected succor in the land and in the minds.

“Though Muslims are massacred, double-crossed, colonized, exploited, proselytized, forced or bribed into conversion to other faiths, and this occurred in practically every country and corner of the vast Muslim world, the enmity and cruelty will end one day. Islamic civilisation is the enduring solution to the world worries.”

Professor M.O Durowoju while giving his welcome address

Earlier in his welcome address, a university don, Professor M.O Durowoju from the Mechanical Engineering department, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, said Islamic civilisation is the best form of civilisation. He charged the Muslim Youths to be abreast of Islamic ways as a prequisite to being good ambassadors of Islam.

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