Precious Mothers distributes Eidul-Adha gifts to women

By Raheem Hameed.

More than a score of women recently benefitted from Eidul-Adha gifts distributed by the Precious Mothers Guild (PMG) today August 10 2019.

The maiden distribution of Eidul-Adha gifts held at Alhaji AbdulLateef Afolabi Mosque, Owode Oyo attracted scores of faithful women in Oyo Town who believed that the less privilege must also celebrate this year Eidul-Adha in happy mood.

Director of PMG, Hajia Nafisat Afolabi

The Director of PMG, Hajia Afolabi Nafisat Oluwatoyin said “It is essential in recent time to stand and support women by all means so that they will not be marginalised in the society of ours”.

Hajia Nafisat further explained that there are many widows and orphans in the society who need little amount to start petty trade or attend schools but no one in the society seems to cater for their needs. She further lamented that there are many Muslim philanthropists who can aid the betterment of women in the society but they are found wanton when it comes to the time of rendering their financial strength for the support of women.

“Charity like this will do a lot to put smile on the faces of those who are less privileged on Eid Day. It will not augur well to be eating ram and delicious food while some Muslims have nothing to eat on a day that supposed to be a happy day” Hajia Afolabi added.


During an interview section with one of the beneficiaries, a widow, Mrs. Musa Taiwo Opeyemi appreciated Precious Mothers Guild for the distribution of gifts they made. Mrs. Musa who has been into widowhood for ten years said that “None of my children has eaten anything today not to think of what they will eat tomorrow which is Ileya Day. None of my husband’s family even asked of our well being. But this group,
called me, give me food and money today. They do not only put smile to my face but also to my children’s face. If not for them, we would have remained in an hungry state today. And it is not possible for me to engage in illicit action because of what my children and I will eat”.

Mrs. Musa Taiwo called on Oyo State government in crying mood to remember the widow in his government as they are really suffering. “Like me now, if you give me just one thousand naira, I will be so happy as if I have received ten thousand naira”.

PMG Secretary, Mrs. Sheu Muinat

The secretary of the association, Mrs. Sheu Muinat appealed to those who are wherewithal to support Precious Mothers Guild project as it aims to empower women, assist the orphan, stand by the sick and speak out for the oppressed.

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Mrs. Sheu further called other women to join the association as the Monthly Mother’s Forum of the association is addressing panacea to violent homes and how peaceful home will be maintained.

Before the distribution of the gift commenced, Hajia Afolabi Nafisat also urged every woman to attend this month Monthly Mothers Forum as two notable speakers have assured to present as Discussants. Mrs. Aleem Risqot, Principal, Emmanual Alayande College of Education Model School, Oyo and Dr. Raji Marufa from Osun State House of Assembly Hospital will be discussing issues related to women . This month forum will come up on August 25 at Alhaji Lateef Afolabi Mosque, Owode by 10am.

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