By Adejare Ibrahim

I understand the concept of sectarianism in Islam. The fundamentals of Shii’ah (right pronunciation and spelling of Shi’ites) ideology run contrary to the pristine doctrinal teachings of Islam, as brought by Prophet Muhammad.

The Shii’ah are the worst in creed and doctrine. They, in no way, represent Muslims and Islam. Asides violence, their own version of Islam is alien to the general beliefs of an average Muslim.

The Shii’ah have their own interpretations of the Qur’an and the prophetic history (seerah), which are diametrically opposed to the intents and purposes of our religion. To them, the Rightly Guided Caliphs (Abubakr, Umar and Uthman), except Ali, and most of the Prophet’s Companions are nothing but dwellers of hellfire.

They have their own ahaadith, which are as baseless as mirage in the desert of Sahara. They have their unfounded jurisprudence, which is alien to all known schools of thoughts. Shii’ah believe in contract or temporary marriage preached by the lost Twelve Imams (The Twelvers). Contract marriage is a timeframe marriage, where you have sex with a lady for a stipulated time and terms and later divorce at the expiration of the said time.

Finally, no one consciously holds on to the beliefs and doctrines of the Shii’ah and finds felicity in the presence of his Lord on the Day of Judgment. In essence, the Shii’ah doctrines are full of heresies. All adherents and proponents of Shii’ah ideology, no matter who and where they are are in utter loss and doom, both in this life and hereafter.

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Nevertheless, my support and opinion on the release of El-Zakzaky remain the same and unchanged: release El-Zakzaky and avert crises. All the legal inanities we are propounding will worsen the already-tensed situation. Our military cannot handle two warfronts, Boko Haram and Shiites, simultaneously. The fronts are getting overwhelming. Release, El-Zakzaky!

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