Family Rabbaaniyyah Projects in the first ten days of Dhul-Hijjah


Beloved! As most of us do disregard carrying out meritorious tasks with our households, I have decided to propose some rewarding projects asides the usual personal activities such as Tilaawah, fasting & et cetera. This is hoped to change our lives in a jiffy God willing and grant us huge rewards. All we need to do is to help fix the date, time & venue for carrying out each project below mentioned, discuss with our families and work with them strictly. May Allaah grant us the requisites to carry them out and count us among the successful ones in this propitious season!

Name of the project
1) Ziyaaratul Aqaarib (relatives);

2) Palestinian Day (Watching video clips of happenings
in Palestine & praying for the victory of the Palestinians);

3) Mosque cleaning;

4) Rihlah (Faith-filled trip) to any historic place;

5) Ziyaaratus Sooliheen;

6) Ziyaaratul Qubuur;

7) Ziyaaratul Ikhwah (brethren) & having Iftaar with them;

8) Faith Booster Forum (FBF). A forum where book on spirituality is discussed;

9) Du’aa’ session for
completing recitation of
the Qur’an;

10) Halqatul Qur’aan (Qur’aan Study Circle);

11) Ziyaratul Armalah wal Aitaam (widow & orphans);

12) Ziyaaratul Mushtashfa (hospital);

13) ‘Arafah Rabbaaniyyah Khalwah (ARK).

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