Morsi is not dead

By Bukola Hameed

as much as it saddens
it equally gladdens

as much as he leaves
he certainly lives

Morsi is not dead
for martyrs are not dead

he’s first elected president
to die till present
in the history of Egypt
from the hands of joint tyrants

born in 1951
bows in 2019
68 years of merit
rewards of immeasurable digits

he never doubted
he never wavered
he remained resolute;
preferred martyrdom
above evanescent stardom

a professor of impact
an engineer of import
a HOD of good intent
loved humanity with passion

Morsi is not dead
son of a farmer
is a great reformer
devoid of any misnomer

from 1979
till 2019
he’s done more than 1,000,009
his mantra always resonates:
almaut fii sebiliLlah,
asmaa amaaninaa

Morsi is not dead
he’s joined the pious
among whom are
Adam, Ibrahim, Ismail
Muhammad, the rightly guided caliphs

Morsi is an epitome
of many virtues
whose firmness is boundaryless
very fearless
though with calmness

Morsi, at your present station
say salaam to Muhammad Qutb
never forget Hassan AlBanna
as well as all forerunners

it actually saddens you leave
but gladdens you live

Morsi, you are not dead

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