The Majalisu Tajdidit Tadhamunil Muslimeen Association of Nigeria (MTTMA) hereby expresses its shock and total submission to the will of Allah over the death of former Egyptian first democratically elected president , Dr. Muhammad Mursi . We want to make it clear that we regard his death as an assassination of democracy and human freedom by the Egyptian military Junta .

The MTTM faults the Egyptian government under the leadership of General Al-Sisi , which in actual fact is only an extention of military rule under the ruse of democracy , for unjustifiable incarceration of the former president in an unhealthy prison condition which allegedly led to his predetermined death.

MTTM also accuses the Egyptian usurper military government for deliberately creating the condition that facilitated the sudden death of Muhammad Mursi with the aim of scarring any person from agitating for justice, fair play and democratic system in Egypt and beyond while at the same time paving the way for the military to perpetuate itself in power in the country and the outside world.

It is in the memory of MTTM and the global community that international Human rights organisations as well as many other groups have been raising alarm on the alleged plan for the systematic killing of Muhammad Mursi as part of the continuous crackdown on pro-democracy and freedom fighters in Egypt embarked upon by the military dictator , Gen. Al-sisi .


In 2018 the British MP Crispin Blunt, who led a panel of politicians to visit political prisoners in Egyptian prisons warned about the conditions of Morsi’s incarceration and the extreme violation of human rights in Egypt.

Also according to a report by Amnesty International , Morsi was only allowed three family visits in almost six years of solitary confinement, and was denied access to his lawyers or a doctor , or even to personally pay for his medication .

Beside Muhammad Mursi over 2,000 other innocent human rights fighter and pro democracy activists were so far killed by the Junta while over 60,000 others including women, students and old persons are currently in detention in various prisons across Egypt.

We at the MTTM are calling on the International Criminal Court to declare General Al-sisi and all members of his cabinet wanted on charges of violation of human rights and extra judicial killings of thousands of Egyptians .

The MTTMA , which is a registered umbrella association with many religious and human rights groups within its fold across the 36 states of Nigeria hereby offer its condolence to all freedom loving people of the world . We regard Dr Muhammad Mursi as a hero who sacrificed all the comforts of this world in the struggle for human liberation and the promotion of social justice . He also died in this cause as a martyr .

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We pray Almighty Allah to register him among those who died as martyrs and lived righteously , following the right path.

MTTM is extending its condolence message to the World Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Organisation , Dr Muhammad Badei and all members of the brotherhood as well as all members of Dr. Mursi’s political party, the Justice and Freedom Party . The same goes for all pro – democracy and human rights activists in the world as well as all members of the Muslim Ummah .

We also condole the brave family of Muhammad Mursi , while praying Almighty God to remain their Guardian and Protector and give them the fortitude to bear the irreversible loss .

We pray Almighty God to forgive all his shortcomings, accept his martyrdom and all his other good deeds, reward him with the best of rewards and grant his gentle soul an eternal rest in Jannatul Firdausi.

DR. Bilala Shitu Yusuf
National president

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