Arabic Literacy is not enough, Eeman is the key, Sheikh DhikruLlah Yahya

By Bukola Hameed.

One of the central mosques where pristine Islam is preached through the Minbar, is Kolobo Central Mosque, Kolobo, Oyo.

The chief imaam of the mosque, Sheikh DhikruLlah Yahya in his khutbah on Friday has called on the Muslim faithful, especially those versed in Arabic literacy to eschew deception as a result of their feat in the language. Imaam DhikruLlah affirmed that the best amongst men is he who is pious, not he who is proficient in Arabic language.

He said, “one of the products of Eeman, faith, is reliance on Allah which is purely a spiritual form of worship, not words nor action of the body. He cited Imam Ahmad saying, “reliance is the work of the heart.”

He reiterated that the heart must be related to Allah rightly, and to be sure that the end of all matter is to Allah, whatever He wants, comes to be, and whatever He wishes not will not be.

The imaam said, ” Tawakkul is passion, skill, and taking the means, and prayer for success from the Lord of the heavens, calling on the congregants to shun all acts capable of inviting wrath of Allah such as unhealthy rivalry, envy and Zina.

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Sheikh DhikruLlah however harped on the need for the so called Muslim scholars to do the needful by matching knowledge with action, as this remains the only way to exhibit belief. He said, “don’t underate any human for, only Allah bestows fortunes on whomever He wills.”


He equally extolled President Mohamed Morsi who was “killed” in defense of the people’s right to freedom, sovereignty and dignified life while adding that the last moments of his life bear witness to his steadfastness, patience and heroism in the face of betrayal and treachery.

Prayers were also said for the repose of the martyr, Muhammad Morsi after Salaatu Ghayb at the same Mosque.

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