Adieu Morsi

By Raheem Hameed

Millions of tears rained in the world
As you fell in the front of the oppressors and died
They killed you!!! I know and they know
But to them they have won a doom victory

Not only my eyes but my heart tears
Despite the fact that millions of tears can’t return you
You have written your story and have gone

Morsi has face the trial of Pharaoh and has won
But why has Egypt remained the seat of Pharaohs?
Hope they never think of meeting their Lord as we think?

Al-banna and his fellow also died
Just as Morsi but for what?
Is calling to the path of Allah a sin?
So sad… Musa killing Musa – a shame

Listen! The oppressors if you can,
I mind not doubling my years of jail if arrested:
If you like kill all true callers on earth!
The words of Allah will ever keeps glowing no doubt

But speaking to my soul matters I know
Morsi has died just like his predecessors
When will I die do I know?
Of what deeds will be recorded for me, a concern.

Oh the Lord of seven heavens and earth I call;
Forgive your true slave has he falls
He is a true soldier on your path I testified

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