” Watch Me is Different from Trust Me”-Tunde AFOLABI

Bukola Hameed.

The Nigerian political space has been likened to a situation whereby a supposed exemplary leader tells his subordinates to trust him when in actual fact he’s far away from performing. Some leaders are being watched; they have done nothing that they can be trusted for.

This was the assertion by Mr Samson Tunde AFOLABI, the founder of AFOLABI Foundation for Youth PowerUp. He said this at a programme to showcase what the foundation stands for at BAYNIKOL Hotels, Ilora Road, Oyo.

Mr AFOLABI, an indigene of Oyo, who currently resides in the United States of America harped on the need for the youth to embark on creative thinking that will translate into creative solutions to take Nigeria to an enviable height.He said, ” Nigerian youth should focus on helping each other, because if it is good for one, with all sense of diligence and selflessness, it will be good for all.

Mr AFOLABI however urged leaders at all levels to be transparent, selfless and accountable to build a verile Nigeria, adding that, ” watch me is different from trust me; you should let people see what you are doing instead of begging for trust.

“The convener of the programme, Rasheed AJISOPE, highlighted some of the lofty objectives of the foundation to include bridging the gap between the rich and the poor via various means, developing latent leadership, and preparing them for future challenges.A Psychology counsellor, Morakinyo RAHEEM, challenged the youth to engage in fruitful endearvours with a view to living exemplary lives.

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