The True Repentance Part 4

‘Abdur Rahman appreciated his friend immensely for his golden advice offered.
As they were about to depart, ‘Abdullah hurriedly grasped his friend’s hand firmly & told him to ensure he brings forth intentions since it is the bedrock for acceptance of any deeds.
“Intentions as in how? Do I need to make any intention for repenting?”, he inquired. “Of course, you need to do so for this will make your repentance truly accepted” Abdullah cut in & emphatically stated.

“You should intend going back to Allah since He hasn’t created you for fun, amusement, play, or any other purposes but worship. You should intend obeying Him, The Exalted; You should intend fleeing from darkness of misguidance & failure to the light of guidance & success; You should intend seeking salvation from Allah’s chastisement; You should intend pleasing your Lord & making Him happy. Once you bring forth all these intentions, then you can proceed on the journey towards the land of repentance.

“May I inform you of TEN (10) IMPEDIMENTS that can stand between you and your great Master”, ‘Abdullah asked. So glad ‘Abdur Rahman was as he quickly said: “Yes I wish you could tell me”

‘Abdullah then mentioned them accordingly:
First: Ignorance about Allah: Whoever knows Allah truly will love Him. He who is ignorant about will not enjoy worshipping Him. So your ignorance will dissuade you from worshipping Him.

Second: Innovation: Your introduction of what has not been approved by Allah will keep you away from Him & His religion. So beware lest you regret in both worlds!

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Third: Hidden major sins: These comprise arrogance, pride, hatred, backbiting, slander, show off, deceit and et cetera. All these sins are more dangerous than zina, drinking alcohol, stealing. Thus, guard yourself from them all.

Fourth: Apparent major sins which comprise stealing, drinking alcohol and other destructive major sins would hinder you from Allah and purge out the flame of faith from your heart.

When do minor sins become major ones? Shaikh Muhammad bn Husain Ya’qub highlighted in his book thus: Persistency and continuity on sins; Belittling minor sin; Showing joy on sinful acts; Disregarding how Allah has not exposed your sins; Publicizing the sin committed in secret; Being a ring leader on a particular sin which other people will make reference to.

Fifth: Minor sins that are persistently committed: How many are minor sins that later became major ones due to persistence on committing them.

Sixth: Associating partner with Allah: This is a major impediment that we must guard against at all costs. It is that you rely on someone else besides Allah & take the rights of Allah wholly and gibe to another being among His creatures.

Seventh: Being engrossed in lawful enjoyment/luxuries: Although enjoyment that is lawful is allowed but if it’s much consumed (as in consumed largely), it could take one from worshipping Allah genuinely.

Eighth: Forgetfulness and negligence about Allah. When you forget Allah, He will forget you, disregard you &l leave you to yourself.

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Ninth: Blind imitation: Some people have become slaves of customs & vain desire. When a smoker is asked for instance why he smokes? He may reply it’s a custom which is addicted with although it’s bad. How would such a slave of his self desire and custom get to Allah & worship Him truly.

Tenth: Being proud of one’s worship: Know you that the sin that causes you to fear Allah is better than an act of obedience that instils arrogance in you.

From my deep thought:
The sin you commit is your sickness just as repentance from it is the medicine that cures it. Ali (may Allah ennoble his countenance) said: “It puzzles me that a man should perish when he possess the means to save himself.’ When he was asked him to explain, he said: “The Prayer for forgiveness/Repentance!”

From the bottom of my heart
O Allah! We have made up our minds to turn to You in true repentance, so forgive our sins and guard us safety from going back to sins, O You the most Merciful.

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