A Silent Shout for Ninth National Assembly Lawmakers

Mojeed Ajibola A.

Two heads, they said, are better than one. So far, I didn’t know this famous aphorism was “inconclusive ” until a guest speaker during one of my secondary school prefect lectures completed the saying.

” Two heads are better than one, if they’re suitably attuned. ” He added. Does this old saying remind anyone anything about the incumbent lawmakers and the presidency?

An inaugural orientation Programme was organized for the incoming National Assembly Lawmakers wherein they listened to different opinions of their senior counterparts.

It’s anticipated that these lawmakers will learn from the rise and fall of their predecessors. All the keen observers know that, the sitting senators in the House almost tainted the image of our dear country as each day is a show of ridiculous and lousy dramas.

The scene of how Mace was stolen is still lingering in the memory of Nigerians. The acting Chairman of EFCC and some other government officials were made to act their shameless scripts. We have yet to talk about how the beneficial programmes of the president are given bad names, such as Trademoni that was libelled Vote Buying by the senate president.

Nothing is traced to be the rationale behind this, besides the fact that there is no Concord and good rapport between the executive and legislative arms of our government. And this, without mincing words, jeopardizes even developments of the nation.

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It won’t then be out place to advise the incoming legislators to work in hands with other arms. They should look forward to lending helping hands and agree with the projects of the incumbent present.

Far from it, it is not that they should concur with all the Federal Government proposals and bills hook, line and sinker. Checks and balance is among the salient features of presidential system of government, we implore them to serve as sincere watchdogs over the presidency activities.

At least, the president has vowed to work with them. They are expected to also do with the president. With this, they can gain the heart of Nigerians and make their names written on Golds.

The incoming gladiators should not think they are formidable and be full of themselves. “…. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. “. Karl Max put it outright.

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