Sheikh DhikruLlah Shafii Asks Muslims to be Wary of Spreading Ambiguities in Islam

By Abideen Muhammed

Ustadh Dhikrullah Shafii who is the grand mufti of the Conference of Islamic Organisations (CIO) on Friday, 28th December, 2018 urged all Muslims to be wary of ambiguities in Islam.

The plea was made at the evening session of camping program tagged, “Under the Shade of Sunnah,” organised by Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria, Lagos State area unit while explaining ‘Clearing Doubts in Islam.’

Sheikh Dhikrullah Shafii said the ambiguities peddled by some people in religion are the main reasons behind disunity we are witnessing in the world.

Thousands of Muslims who graced the Camp at Noforija, Epe paid rapt attention to Sheikh Shafii while he cautioned them against disunity occasioned by ambiguities.

He said: “Modern Muslims lack knowledge of Fiqh which is the architect behind all the problems confronting us. People spread ambiguities to cause confusion in this religion. Many examples abound in the Quran and Sunnah.”

“Those who go around to spread ambiguities do so for personal gain, hatred and ignorance. They make us doubt the Dawah methodology, the lectures or the path. In some places it is everything that will be vilified for this same reason – to scare people away from the callers.

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“Sheikh Shafii cited instance in the Qur’an (Q33: 69) when Prophet Musa (AS) was vilified by his people before Allah cleared him of the doubt. Also prophet Muhammad was alleged of madness while receiving revelation from his Lord.”

He furthered stressed that casting aspersions and ambiguities at a mission is a Sunnah of Allah that comes with every Dawah. Therefore every caller should expect it from time to time and prepare to save people from its pit.

“According to scholars, clearing doubt is mandatory just like we have quoted verses above. Sometimes, people bring ambiguities to frustrate a caller because of struggle for leadership. The worst set of ambiguities is the one we are witnessing today – Muslim against Muslim.

“Among the ambiguities are acceptability of Camp, Congregational (dhikr) remembrance, association in Islam, etc. Therefore, Muslims must beware of ambiguities brought by evil doers. All these issues should not cause disunity among us.”

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