Muslim Professional Association Sets to Train Muslims on Film Script Writing and Production by Raheem Hameed

The Nigerian Muslim Association of Humanities (NiMAH)  is set to train talented Muslims on script writing and film production.
Mr. Salaudeen Kamoru, The President, Nigerian Muslim Association of humanities (NiMAH)
 The association has planned the training in series, the first being a day workshop on Islamic film production on Sunday April 29, 2018.
The president of the association, Mr. Salaudeen Kamoru, made this disclosure in a media chat with The Links on Thursday morning.
He explained that the workshop which will come up at De-Aces Hall, Yemetu, Ibadan will be an avenue for those who have passion for script writing and film production to meet experts in film making and network with other professionals in the movie industry.
During the media chat, Kamoru, the NiMAH president, who is also a lecturer at the Department of Mass Communication, Fountain University, Osogbo, ravelled the erroneous belief of some Muslims who opined that film production is not Islamic.
‘There is no explicit verse of the Quran or direct instruction from Prophet Muhammad (SAW) where film performance, film making and production is prohibited. What we rather have is verse of the Quran where Allah says, “Invite people to the way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful presentation of the admonition he affirmed.
The president further explained that ‘There is evidence of the grand children of Prophet Muhammad who corrected an old man on ablution through drama.  This is in fact a clear evidence that movie production has a place in Islam as an instrument of propagation, since drama is the origin of Film.
Quran also says Muslims should adopt similar permissible strategies adopted by enemies of Islam otherwise, pandemonium and terrible crimes will pervade the earth.’
‘This training will avail participants of the economic reward of this world and the invaluable reward of the world to come’, Mr. Salaudeen said.
Mr. Lawal Abiodun (a.k.a Biodun Lawal) will be delivering speech on Islamic Movie: Script Writing and Conceptualisation while Dr. Abdul Lateef Adeyemo, an Associate Professor of the Department of Religions, Faculty of Arts, University of Benin will be speaking on ‘The Fundamentals of Movie Production in Islam’.
This unique training is expected to open a new horizon among Muslims in Nigeria and beyond.
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  1. That’s going to be a great opportunity for Muslim youth, who have passion for film production, but due to the protection of their religion, had to draw back.
    May Allah make it an easy one.

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