Photo News: Al-Fathu Mubeen urges parents to value knowledge of Qur’an by Raheem Hameed

The proprietor of Al-Fathu Mubeen Arabic and Islamic Institute, Alhaji Abdul Azeez Abdul Mumeen has urged parents to value the knowledge of Qur’an by encouraging their children in Quranic schools.

He said this yesterday during the first day of Walimatu Qur’an and Aflatu Idaadiyyah of his students at Agbogangan, Oba-Adeyemi area, Oyo.

Alhaji Abdul Azeez frowned at how Muslim parents are valuing western education more than Islamic education. He affirmed that western education with the knowledge and understanding of Qur’an will produce capable and integrity leaders who can lead the nation successfully.

The Walimatu Qur’an and Afla is scheduled to hold between Saturday and Monday (December 30th 2017 and January 1st 2018). “The graduating students are forty five in numbers. I cannot because of Walimatu Qur’an avoid observing salat on time. I prefer spending three days for the graduation than just using a whole day which will keep parents away from remembering Allah” He said.

View photo of the events below:

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