The Sardonic State of Nigeria Education, everybody Shares the Blame – Imam Ismail Busary

During the 2nd edition of LEAMSP Parent Forum held on Sunday, November 5 at Princess Court and Event Centre, Oyo, The Acting Secretary General for Muslim Community, Oyo State was interviewed by our reporters on the state of Nigeria education and how students can succeed amidst the appalling challenges that surround the educational system.

Below is the discussion between The Links and Imam Busary

The Links: We are thankful that you grant this interview, sir!, Can we meet you?

Response: I am Imam Ismail Adekunle Busayr, the Chief Imam, Al-Haramain central mosque, Ibadan, the acting secretary general for Muslim community, Oyo state, the proprietor, New Dawn Comprehensive College and the guest speaker at this occasion.


The Links: Thank you very much sir! The current situation of education in Nigeria is sardonic as we can see and it is a generally accepted fact that a nation cannot grow beyond her educational standards, so to rescue the current situation, what roles do parents need to play?

Response: Ehm, as you have rightly said that the standard is poor generally and the private schools are trying to complement the efforts of the Government. So, the parents should be selective in registering their children in a school. They must ensure that such a school that would provide a rounded education in terms of academic, spiritual and in all ramifications is chosen for their wards.

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The Links: In ensuring the continuous survival of education, what should be the concern of the government?

Response: The government is a regulatory body, they must ensure to give due attention to educational sector in terms of providing the conducive learning environment and employing, engaging skillful hand of qualified teachers, also, there must be continuous assessment and evaluation to ensure a good output.


The Links: Do you think teachers have blame in this appalling state of education in Nigeria?

Response: Ehm, yes they have some blame but everybody has his own quota, when there is a failure, we don’t blame just a particular body, we blame everybody, from the Islamic perspective, everybody must take responsibility.  Teachers, they have responsibilities, in terms of as well developing themselves, a teacher that stop learning is like a stagnant water. Knowledge, education is dynamic, it evolves, it develops, so teachers must update their knowledge, learn new ways of teaching, new ways of doing things and all that and they must be committed to their chosen career, be there at all time and do what is expected of them.


The Links: Do you think our spirituality can be of help out of this predicament?

Response: Of course, Allah in the Qur’an says, “Fear Allah and He will endow you in knowledge. So, why we are backward is because… even in the West today, the knowledge that is there is not beneficial enough. It is destructive rather than being constructive and being beneficial because it is devoid of spirituality. So, spirituality enhance knowledge, a person that is spiritually inclined is expected to do better in his academic career, so, it matters.

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The Links: How can students succeed in-spite the countless challenges before them?

Response: Like any other life challenges, we need to seek refuge in Allah, we pray that Allah be our guide and guard, protect us, save us from this situation in which we find ourselves, I think that matters, they pray to Allah and they study the environment as well, you know they say, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’, they have found themselves in this kind of environment, they must learn how to adapt to the situation. So, adaptation, then prayer.


The Links: Jazakallahu khairan, thanks for your time.

Response: Aameen, wa iyyakum.

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