The Problems of Narcotics by Bukola T. Hameed

Addiction is usually found among vagabonds who are orphans, as well as among dissolute youths in the company of vicious bands. The orphans here aren’t those left behind, humble and humiliated, by their parents. Rather, we refer to those that have forsaking mothers and preoccupied fathers.


Narcotic is a powerful illegal drug that affects the mind in a harmful way. It is illegal and harmful. Narcotic inebriates the mind and tilts it away from its judicious nature. Because they cause distorted thinking, loss of appetite, dissipated memory, hostile attitude and insanity, the following are included in the list of narcotics: Indian hemp, cocaine, heroine, morphine, “alcohol” and arguably, tramadol. Shisha is a modern entrant in the narcotic palace.


From the view point of the psychological effects, narcotic drug may be classified as depressants and stimulants. Generally, the former decrease mental and physical activity in varying degrees to the point of deep sleep, coma, and eventually, death depending on the dosage taken. The latter, stimulants, sustain activity, thwart sleep and mask symptoms of fatigue to the point of where death may occur because of exhaustion.

A number of factors motivate youths into drug addiction. To feel better is one. Some adolescents who suffer from social anxiety, depression, physical pain and stress-related disorder see narcotic as “best option” in a bid to feel better. Also, some teenagers are hooked by the ” to do better” bait. New experiences, especially those considered thrilling and daring are often sought after by the teenagers/adolescents, hence ; they experiment. “To fit in” is another amulet that lures the youth into “narcoticism”.

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It is however noteworthy that about 90 percent of the drug addicts are teenagers. Hence, all hands must be on deck to get our society rid of narcotic woes that only give interim enjoyment, degrading lust and lawless activities. There are two basic approaches to prevention. One is to protect the individual from coming into illegitimate contact with the drug. The other is to strengthen the individual’s resistance to becoming an addict. The onus is on the law enforcement agencies such as NDLEA. Stiffer penalties should be put in place to discourage narcotic drugs pedllers. Likewise, the dangers of addiction for the rank and file of the younger generation should be emphasised. Tyrannical fathers and overindulgence mothers must desist.


Once again, the problems of Narcotics can’t be overemphasised. It is saddening that as spacious as the earth is, it is becoming strait for man, owing to the ‘venomic’ effects of insecant proliferation of narcotics. The media and our schools are stakeholders in the crusade against illicit and illegal sale and intake of drugs. Broken homes should be re-united  and reconciled, and, “foreign parents” should wake up to their responsibilities as parents and give righteous education to their children. Remember, neither remorse nor tears will be of any avail for the parents of an unrepentant drug addict.



Bukola T. Hameed


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