Reaching a great height is corollary with adequate information – By Abdul Aziz Abass Abiola

Mr. Afolabi M. Adeola

“Successful execution is not a means in itself, but the lasting benefits derived therein is what matters most” – Mr. Maruf A. Afolabi, a corporate trainer and planner,

Speaking at a workers seminar organized by Oyo Students Forum on 18th November, 2017, Afolabi charged Islamic callers to hold on to adequate information as it is corollary to achieving landmark achievements and it brings power.

However, his speech was not devoid of the importance of including strategic planning in the scope of Islamic calling.

According to him, “Strategic planning is part of Islam from all angles”, citing the various aspects of adequate planning in the scope of calling of the prophet (S.A.W) and his successors, especially, the hijrah model.

He said, “Absence of strategic planning usually results to woeful performance and little achievements”

Also, he made it known that Muslims became submissive to non-Islamic and ungodly ideologies because Muslim callers are seemingly bankrupt of useful strategies for their future expectations playing defensive role where they should be offensive.

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Though, they have the strategies yet unleashed. During the course of his speech, Muslim callers were charged and envisioned in strategic thinking in line with modern time, having long vision and mission that are as a result of understanding their purpose of creation. They should stop thinking in the way of people of the past.

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In his words, “Any act, either good or bad starts with an idea and proper planning”, he said that the world’s biggest bank robbery was a brainchild of a man with a workable strategy.

Muslims were then charged to be proactive and invest the most in relevant and workable strategies in their calling.

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