Oyo TMC Revives Dawaniyyah Programme by Abdul Aziz Abass

From right, Imam Luqman Abdur Rafiu and Imam Hassan Olowogbola

Man belongs to Allah and owes Him unconditional obeisance – Imam Lukman

The Imam of The Muslim Congress, Oyo – Imam Lukman Abdul Rafiu has on Sunday 5th November established the need for man to return back to his lord in obedience and submission at Dawaniyyah Programme of The Muslim Congress Oyo Zone held at TMC Dawah Centre, Bamgbose Street, Owode, Oyo.

Dawwaniyyah, a programme known with TMC Oyo has stopped for many years before the elders of the organization consider reviving it last Sunday.

Speaking at the programme, he mentioned that Dawaniyyah has come to stay to return man to the will of his Lord and living to earn the pleasure of Allah, to clear the numerous ambiguities erupted by some sects, as well to re-establish the doctrines of pristine Islam.

However, he made it known that the reason why Nigeria is experiencing tough time is due to the blind obedience of Nigerians to the tough nature of their soul.

According to the Imam, overcoming the lustful will of the soul softens it and has resultant effect in the immediate environment and the larger society.

Likewise, the Imam’s speech was inclusive of the symptoms of a softened heart which are – joy and sweetness of dhikr (remembrance of Allah), solat and recitation of al-Qur’an is felt on such soul; the owner of the soul lives for earning the face of Allah; and gives preference to seeking paradise over the enjoyments and worldly frivolities.

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Also, he made it a point of emphasis that learning the knowledge of faith ease the continuity of righteous actions. One who forsakes the knowledge of faith on the other hand finds it difficult to stay on righteous acts for long.

According to him, man should always remember that he is so insignificant and should hence allow the love of Allah to come first before anything else. If this is ensured, the result is always astonishing.

In a bid to seeking clarification on some key concepts in his lecture, the following interview ensued between the Imam and our reporter;

The Links: We learnt that dawaniyyah has come to stay, what is the basic intent behind this revitalization?

Response: Hnm, it is chiefly to civilize Muslims Islamically and of course to enlighten them with respect to pure Islamic ideology.

The Links: What exhortations do you have for Muslims seeking Islamic knowledge?

Response: My advice is that, Islam is a religion that one has to learn properly before you could claim to have known much about it. You must have a scholar that is well versed as regards the Islamic teaching and you must have time to sit before such individual in order to pick some vital information in respect to this religion. I urge Muslims to have a trustworthy scholar who knows much about this religion.

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The Links: How can man strike a balance between seeking worldly affairs and the hereafter?

Response: As Muslims, it is simple. It is not far-fetch for a Muslim to strike a balance because our religion is a balanced one; Allah describes us as such in the Qur’an, “Thus, we have made you a balanced nation” it means we can strike balance between our worldly affairs and of course the hereafter. So, it is based on our own personal demand. I as a Muslim know that I can pursue this world and achieve and of course I can pursue the hereafter simultaneously and achieve. Both are achievable by being committed and of course by being conscious of Allah.

The Links: Thank you very much, sir!

Response: Thanks for having me.

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