Oyo road: A tragedy under the dwellers’ nose by Abdul Aziz Abass Abiola

Jare-Emily-Ilora road

Many are the Trunk B roads in the province of Oyo which are in a debilitated state. Most of which continuously claim the lives of the innocent electorates. Such is the case of Jare-Emily – Ilora road which almost claim the life of a driver whose car got irreparably damaged in the accident on Saturday, 18th November.

A car driver drove into the wide pot-hole on the Jare-Emily – Ilora road unaware of the great wreck ahead of him on Saturday evening. The driver reportedly to have visited Oyo town a long time ago happened to be the victim.

The car with the plate number Lagos; AAA 687EL got damaged beyond a reasonable repair as it turned upside-down in the wide pot-hole.

The car that fell into the pit

The passers-by and the good people of the area engaged in quick intervention and sharp rescue operation in order to ensure that the scene absolutely bloodless.

According to an eyewitness who spoke to our reporter on the condition of anonymity made it known that the driver was the only one inside the car and was quickly pulled-out before the car actually fell into the wide pit up-side-down. “It was God’s intervention because it was just like a miracle, we did not expect it”, he said.

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another eye witness explained that “The wide pit which is best describe as a death trap for drivers has been like that for almost a year and it has caused great havoc to many drivers”

Political office holders in whose custody the road is were then blamed by majority of passers-by. They were blamed for their care-free disposition to the plight of Oyo dwellers by forsaking this road – watching how things are getting out of hand – and many others like it, leaving it to claim more lives.

“With this death-trap not repair, our politicians in Abuja and Ibadan will still expect us to vote for them in 2019? They should gear up towards the repair of the road if truly they need our votes!” an anonymous said.


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