“Do not devoid yourself of good Packaging and marketing strategies” – Expert by Raheem Hameed

Mr. Adeyinka T. Salaam, the Bureau Chief of Voice of Nigeria(VON) South-West office, Osogbo

The Bureau Chief of Voice of Nigeria(VON) South-West office, Osogbo, Mr. Adeyinka T. Salaam has advised Muslims not to devoid themselves of packaging and marketing ideas in their programmes.

The media expert explained in his speech at the workers seminar organized by Oyo Students Forum last Saturday at Anwaru Islam Central Mosque, Oyo.

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Speaking on Packaging and Marketing of ideas in a Dynamic world, Mr. Adeyinka frowned at how some Muslims organizations do organize programmes in shabby ways.

“Islamic preaching should be done in a well packaged and marketable way, this is why Allah called you Muslims the best nation” Adeyinka said.

In the same vein, Adeyinka advised Islamic organizations to think much of organizing beneficial projects for people instead of lectures all the time. The media expert affirmed that if Muslims cater for what people’s need, people will need Islam, and will easily embrace Islam which is truly their need.

“Catering for welfares of people will make them see the truth of the Deen and they will easily embrace it with joy.”

The lecturer further explained that the problem of Muslims is not of ideas to sell but how to package and market them. On this, he urged Muslims to embrace the use of media in announcing and publicizing their programmes in professional ways. “The style of distributing handbill is archaic and obsolete, design befitting handbill and share it on social media platforms” he said.

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Mr. Adeyinka also mentioned the importance of Public Relations towards packaging and marketing organizational ideas. He urged Muslims to employ professional public relations officers who will help them publicize their programmes and ideas in a professional way.


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